As always Pete gives great advice in a motivating and very implementable way. I strongly recommend absorbing his words and applying them to your goals. I'm looking forward to reading this next encouraging book!

Greg Woolsey

Newseason Homes LLC

When I can't sleep I like to read motivational and/or spiritual books. Sometimes these books are stress relievers and sometimes they do what they are meant to do.. MOTIVATE! And that is exactly what happened the other night when I downloaded Pete's book "Force Your Dreams Into Reality". This is a quick and easy read with tips and guidelines to help you get into action. I immediately started on my goals, writing them down with specific and achievable objectives. I look forward to taking action and will definitely read this one again. I highly recommend it.

Carlene Saelg

So here is why I keep posting the link for Pete Asmus and Ivan Oberon these two guys are addressing everything you can think of each day that pertains to real estate.. I have been doing this for 11 years and I learn something new every time I listen. Plus they are incredible motivational speakers which people pay big bucks to get that... If you want to be very successful in this industry you have to surround yourself with positive inspirational people that provide new information all the time and these guys have a ten thousand dollar course in the form of a radio show that is FREE....And honestly I have no problem helping people that want to help themselves so this is a must if you say you want to rock this business...

And those of you that know me know that I don't recommend many people and I am telling you these guys will walk you straight to success. I am truly amazed at how powerful their show and vision is.

You guys are impacting so many people and are a huge blessing to the investing community..., I look forward to being a guest speaker on your show... And I will help you guys in any way I can because I think you guys are doing some incredible things..,.i appreciate all your guys hard work... You guys will create a lot of amazing investors that will pass on your great ethics and in turn they will assist in cleaning up their community and helping a lot of sellers that feel hopeless and need someone that can find solution for them.... I don't know if you guys realize the impact you have on the investment community but it's HUGE... Your impacting a lot of lives and that's why I'm such a big advocate!!!!!!

Christina Schottenbauer


I wanted to let you know how much this past Sunday's Radio Show woke me up and got my head out of my ass, personally and professionally. I was able to listen to it this morning and wanted to thank you. I believe what you are doing is kick ass and inspiring.

I recently moved to Chicago from Metro Detroit at the end of May of this year. I had some real estate experience, but I will admit that I came up with more excuses of why I wasn't moving forward and didn't have the money to purchase properties. I now have a great mentor here in Chicago and I am wholesaling properties.

What caught my attention during the radio show, was believing in myself. It's conflicting for me due to how I handle my personal and professional areas of my life. I say this because, I was recently married in August of this year. I had known my wife since July 2008. I asked her out on a date on 12/14/12 and 8 days later told her I was in love with her. Our first date was 12/19/12 and we were engaged on 04/19/12. In between that time, I envisioned, I focused on getting an engagement ring and what I would say during our wedding ceremony in regards to my feelings towards my future wife.

Well, I made it happened, because I believed it would, I focused on it, I acted on it. So, If I can do that for my personal life, then what is stopping me in my REI? Belief in myself and taking action. So thanks again for you motivation and sharing your experiences and beliefs, I really appreciate it.

Brent Hall

Pete is one of those people that everyone wishes they could be more like him! Positive, Motivating, Inspirational, Uplifiting, Perseverant, Positive, Positively Positive Thinker. Pete is not just an effervescent Speaker, He is also a Doer! If he told me he was going to find a way to visit Saturn tomorrow..............All I would say is "Will you Count The Rings for Me?" I don't Doubt that Pete Asmus is Capable of Accomplishing Things of Enormous Proportions!!!
October 18, 2013
Top qualities: Expert , Creative

Diane Kabbaz

Ameriplan USA

Another AWESOME Journey 2 Success Pete, THANK YOU and keep it up man!
2 things you brought up in this one that really stuck out.
1) You mentioned how crabs will actually pull one another back into a bucket simply because they cant get out.
Its funny because my goals journal at home is called the "Crab Bucket". (My wife thought I was crazy the first time she saw it)
2) I took a break from reading Grant Cardon's The 10X Ruke to listen to your podcast. This is funny because you brought that up as well. Dude...YOU SERIOUSLY NEED TO READ THAT BOOK! Its right right up your alley.
I also wanted to share what personal commitment is working for me right now.
This is a pic of my goal-pad. I right my goals in this book every morning, and then right my to-do list next to it. I keep it on my at all times and right other goals in it through out my day. I also right my goals again at night before going to bed, (in the Crab Bucket)
I made the commitment on Oct 1st to start writing my goals 2x a day. WOW, what a difference! Its amazing how focused you are when your goals are consistently forced into your subconscious.
Thanks again man and keep it coming!

...By the way, I don't just write these for fun. I write them because they force me to take action. So far this month I have 2 properties under contract, (I already have a buyer for 1) and I have an appointment for my 3rd tomorrow. Massive action baby!

Brad Worley

Pete comes with my highest recommendations. He is always looking for new ideas to assist his clients. I admire him for his creative work and his willingness to "give first". You would be doing yourself a favor to align yourself with Pete as I have.

Denni Punongbayan

HoneyVest Real Estate

Regarding 'Force your dreams into reality,' the subtitle reads 7 steps to creating success, but I got much, much more than 7 steps. This book is like a summary of all the "success books", or "how to achieve your dreams" books (and more) rolled into one neat, and well organized package. I have read several books in the past to help me achieve more, but none of them were more jam packed with just the meat of the matter, and zero fluff. What’s more, this book had many suggestions, and other information I hadn't read anywhere else. What an awesome summary of all the brilliant reminders of how to get on track, and stay there. If any book should be read, and re-read, this is the one.

Al Bargen

Cheeseburger Abs

Anyone that could get my son's head out of his ass is my Hero!!! He is 20 years old and I am wanting him to get his head clear for a long time and from reading this book it looks like he has seen some form of light and is trying to get focused.

Thank you Pete!!! They say, "God puts people in your life for a reason, you just have to take that opportunity that is presented in front of you and do something with it not anything at all."

Vida Kwateng-Pugh

Exit Preferred Realty

I have just finished reading your book and I found it very positive and enlightening...I even had my son read it, he is on page 25 last I heard and what he said to me was, "I needed this book in my life, it has me opening up parts in my mind that I never thought about, ever!" If you know my son you would know words are very profound coming from him.

I would read a page here and there, inbetween me taking my CE classes online getting my RE license reactivated. I had 30 of classes to make up, now I am down to 15 hours.

Thanks for the chance to read your book and more importantly having it so I can pass it on to my son.

Vida D. Kwateng-Pugh

Exit Preferred Realty

Great Sunday Pete,
I just want to thank you, for all that you do to help all of us.
I finally made it to Sunday's Journey to Success, and I am so glad I did.
I finished your book. I wrote Action steps for every chapter. Let me tell you, it's very straight to the point, easy to undrestand, and I was able to implement what I got from it right away,(getting rid of ANT's, internal-external inputs, staying focus to be successful, willing to sacrifice who I am to become who I want to become!!! etc.) when it came to goals and communication.
The next day after I recived your book, I had a very IMPORTANT conference call meeting about my first flip, with the REA and my HM Guy. There was a lot of drama going on, poor communication with team members. My focus was get everybody on consensus and I wanted a successful outcome, and I did! (this is even before finishing your book)
Thanks Pete Asmus!!!!

Aury Morones

Your network is your net worth. Just a month after joining the group, I was able to connect a lead from linked in to someone across the country in New York!

Justin Velthoen

Toucan Real Estate