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Pete Asmus head shotThink the GQ of Real Estate, that’s what Investor Quarterly™ is….  It’s about making real estate accessible, reachable and COOL again. It’s for the guys who are giving everything to make it and become an entrepreneur and for the woman who wants to not only have her own life, but SHATTER all the stereotypes along the way. Investor Quarterly™ for families who want to raise their children to believe anything is possible. It’s for those people who want to make a difference in the world by impacting it one community at a time. It’s about creating the framework to become a platform of change.  Bottom line is, this magazine Investor Quarterly™, will give you the tools to change your life if you APPLY the information you find in it.

Real estate brings jobs, it brings housing and most of all it brings hope. Real estate has so many moving parts from title, to escrow, mortgage, construction, legal, taxes, CPAs, property managers, and more. The list keeps going. To be part of a well oiled machine that’s producing result after result is where you want to be!  Investor Quarterly™ is going to find the Companies, Investors and Strategies that are not only Proven but relevant in today’s changing market.

Creating a magazine I didn’t think was in my wheelhouse, but the opportunities and relationships I’ve gained through doing it, have shown me I’m really good at what I do. It’s because for 20 years I’ve been focused on changing people’s lives from being a personal trainer at a health club, to now owning two of the largest real estate groups on linked in, along with a incredible radio show, the ULTIMATE Turnkey Real Estate System and now an Incredible Magazine iQ™.

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