Get Social

Yes! It is time to get social!

Could you use a bit more money in 2016?

Do you want to learn how I almost doubled my income last year? …if you don’t want to 2x your income, then you should go back to watching the Simpsons. Top Ramen is awesome, you probably don’t need to take care of your family anyway, the government will step in and save you (yeah, right!).

Chances are your Mom/Grandma has gotten on facebook, and your cabbie is showing you his kids pictures back in whereverville, but you still don’t know what a twitter…twit…tweet…thing is. When you are starting a business or trying to get found, here are the sites to get you started.

Step #1: Google Yourself – Yes, go to Google, enter your name, and be shocked at what you find. Yes, that is your challenge. Take over Google for your name!

Step #2: Brand Yourself! – Go and make profiles below and do it STRATEGICALLY! Know what steps you want someone to take. Email you, opt-in, buy something, hire you. Be sure you have something for them to do when they find you!

Create a text document that you keep on your desktop along with a good looking headshot of yourself. That text document have these fields, and replace your information over my sample data:

Name: Pete Asmus
Keywords: Real Estate, internet marketing, Radio Host, Strategy Consultant
Bio: Pete Asmus will help you take your Real Estate business from zero to hero by rocking your branding, marketing and turning you into a lead magnet!

See what I did there? I used my name right off, and I sprinkled in some of my keywords! I like mixing it up on each social site, because Google loves fresh content, but by having this all on my desktop I don’t have to start from scratch each time.

If you want some help getting this all setup let us know, or if you are into doing it yourself, here are the places to go:

Personal Branding

Brand Yourself – Great way to start and track how you are doing

Vizify – Kick butt stylin page that pulls in all of your information – Pretty place to have a profile, have a high res image to use as a background – Good place to put your info – Yeah, it is for sports, but how cool is it to have that as your website?!

Professional Networking

LinkedIn – Seriously, if you aren’t on LinkedIn you should probably go back to reading Us Magazine and eating Top Ramen

Xing – Like LinkedIn but more international. Want international investors? ….guess where you can find them.

Quora – Question and Answer site. Drop some knowledge bombs and hook some leads!

Resum.up – Very cool resume site

Skill Pages – Post haves and wants and make money

Zerply – Post your work here, image centric

Social Media

MySpace – Ha ha, phyche!

Facebook – Really? You aren’t on facebook yet?

Google+ – Doesn’t get enough credit! Way better than facebook, and obviously Google loves showing content from Google+. This is the best way to get anything ranked. Period! (Exclamation point)

Twitter – 140 characters of awesome! Easily connect with your potential clients right when they are the most interested for your help!

Instagram – Square pictures through 70’s filters. My favorite right now

Pinterest – A close second on the favorite scale

Kippt – Awesome place where you should be keeping all of your bookmarks

Delicious – Where I keep all of my bookmarks

Video Blasting

Yes, you should be creating video! There are dozens of ways to do it, but mainly just do it and fine tune it later.

YouTube – By now you should have a Google account so just update your channel from the wonky auto link they make to your name

Vimeo – Even more attractive than YouTube, but not as powerful for SEO

Flickr – Like YouTube but for Yahoo!

MySpace – all about media, so yes it is worth having a profile here to post videos

DailyMotion – Post here too

Mobi – Here too

…now that you have all those set, when you post a video, post to all of them with OneLoad, because really who has the time?!?

All of THAT?!

Yes, those, and manage it all with HootSuite!