Living the Laptop Lifestyle on The Experts Corner with Pete ASMUS 018


Today’s CoHOST: Daven Michaels

Living the Laptop Lifestyle on The Experts Corner 018 – 2014-09-12


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About Your Guest: Daven Michaels




Daven Michaels on Investing Coast 2 Coast with Pete ASMUS and Ivan OBERON Daven Michaels has achieved tremendous success as an entrepreneur in several different endeavors. An entrepreneur since age 15, Michaels expertise includes roles as a best-selling author, music and television producer, speaker, and founder of 123Employee. His success comes from understanding that in the era of internet business you need never be “the little guy”.

Today, as founder of 123Employee, he manages a business of over 400 employees, servicing small to medium sized businesses all over the world. He explains that this company is not in the outsourcing business; it’s in the lifestyle creation business. He is an advocate for being able to live the global lifestyle, he not only manages his business from his laptop and cell phone from some of the most incredible locations in the world, he teaches others how to do the same.

Michaels is a believer that anyone can turn their dreams into reality and their passion into prosperity… if you know the secrets to success and thus, he has become a much sought after coach, consultant, and mentor by many entrepreneurs who desire to tap into his business, marketing wisdom and black book of resources. He openly shares that the secret to his success has been to use a formula, which includes learning how to use virtual employees, cutting edge marketing strategies and having the right mentors to show you the way.

Michaels is an advocates for entrepreneurs, small-business owners and large corporations showing them how they can flourish by utilizing technology, innovation and ‘new thinking’ to give them a competitive advantage. At the heart of 123Employee is the conviction that good business means business that is good for people: good for entrepreneurs, good for outsourced employees, and ultimately good for their customers.

In his New York Times Best Seller ‘Outsource Smart’, Michaels shares the secrets to successful outsourcing, how to build a virtual business team, how to leverage virtual employees to manage business and marketing processes. His expertise in hiring, managing and using outsourced employees shows you how to grow your business and be confident you have the resources you need to compete in the 21st century marketplace.

His contribution to the entrepreneurial and business communities around the world, has made him an in-demand speaker for conferences, businesses, radio and television shows worldwide. Still an active entrepreneur, he splits his time between managing his own businesses and helping others achieve greater success in theirs.

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Visionary PITBULL, Navigator and the Inspirational Catalyst 

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Pete Asmus is the Visionary PITBULL, Navigator and the Motivating HAMMER of Coast 2 Coast REIA™.  Pete is a Real Estate Investor, Author, Inspirational Speaker, Mentor, and Host of Investing Coast 2 Coast with Pete Asmus and Ivan Oberon™ broadcasting Mon thru Fri from 10am-11am on Bloomberg Radio, and Author of Force Your Dreams into Reality©.  He is looking forward to sharing his dream of “Providing Real Strategies and Solutions to change your Life, while providing the Resources and Support to go make SOMETHING happen™!  You can also join Pete’s Personal Real Estate Network at

Pete is focused on connecting people “Face to Face from Coast 2 Coast” while showing you how to gain your financial freedom.  He’s been investing, teaching, and speaking for years, but in reality everything he’s done his entire life gave him the tools to set up and create this Opportunity.  After personally training with multiple leaders in the industry that you may have seen on TV, his real estate knowledge is extensive encompassing Mobile Homes, Residential and Commercial, but his Passion is getting you to take action and think differently!

I’ve personally trained 100’s of students for these Guru’s, the network I created through this is incredible.  For too long I have been able to teach, but not participate with the students.  I created Coast 2 Coast REIA™, to allow all the people I’ve come into contact with over the last 8+ years to find a place to network and create opportunities all around the country.  Coast to Coast REIA is focused on providing opportunity, forging education, and connecting our members with multiple strategic partnerships in the Real Estate Industry to catapult their investing career.


Pete started all of this for the people in the picture to the left.  For Pete it’s all about Family, which is why he choose Real Estate so he could keep his family close at all times.  For an in-depth Biography on Pete go to  My goal has always been about helping others and finding solutions.  I AM a SOLUTION Based Thinker!

Pete also just finished his book, Forcing Your Dreams into Reality© on that subject.  And is currently working on his second Book, Questions are the Key to Unlocking Your Reality©, and starting his third book Creating UNBREAKABLE Habits©.  “We at Coast 2 Coast REIA™ don’t want to create followers and students, Our Mission is to Inspire Leaders and Teachers… So#gomakeSOMETHINGhappen™!! ” ~ Pete Asmus

Coast 2 Coast REIA™ -Providing Real Estate Strategies to Change your Life and the Resources and Support to make it happen” This is Our Journey 2 Success™

With out U there is no US… Because You put the Y in OUR Success

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