Hashtags – The POWER of SEO Made Easy for you on The Experts Corner 012

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The POWER of SEO with Justin Velthoen Made Easy

Hashtags- Getting out there on Todays Experts Corner Episode 012

This one is probably better for you to watch the video… There is A LOT of information and you will want to rematch it over and over…

If you want to double your income at your JOB this year, or take your business to new heights, join us to work with Justin on this SEO series to learn how to build an online empire. Justin was first challenged by a professor to find a way to make social media profitable during his MBA, and now consults with publicly traded companies to build profitable systems. Last year Justin almost doubled his income by using these strategies. We have brought him here to work with you to help bring your company to new heights and help you build your online empire!

1.       What is SEO Anyway and how does it affect you?

2.       How to make your fortune solving problems

3.       How 5 minutes doing keyword research can change your business

4.       How to find and create content so your website becomes Las Vegas

5.       Building your personal and business profile so people are drawn to you

6.       Video – how you don’t even need a camera to get on the first page of Google

7.       How to expand your reach and steal your competitor’s customers

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