Candice Duran, Women and Webinars on the EXPERTS Corner with Pete ASMUS EP 011

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Candice Duran, Women and Webinars on the EXPERTS Corner

2014-06-10 EP 011

We are introducing Candice DURAN’s Webinar Series coming up on Fridays….

Women, Entrepreneurs and Real Estate with Candice DURAN

Check out the Video of Tonights Webinar!!

You can go to and register for both Experts CORNER with Pete ASMUS and Women, Entrepreneurs and Real Estate with Candice DURAN. On Experts CORNER with Pete ASMUS tonight we will be talking about who, what and Why Candice Duran is doing this webinar series. We will go over who Candice is, what the webinar will be about and why we are doing this in the first place.

Candice Duran-Women-Entreprenerus-Real Estate- Coast 2 Coast REIA-Free Webinar-PinkSo make sure you go to and sign up for at least 2 of the 5 weekly webinars… All at 6pm PACIFIC. Also if you are a successful woman in real estate or in any entrepreneurial way please let us know. We want to interview Diffrent women from all walks of life to help inspire others around
the country AND World!

YOu can email Shannon our Media Producer, who books all our guests on Investing Coast 2 Coast with Pete ASMUS and Ivan OBERON and our weekly webinars. She can be reached at Please send bio, headshot and why you want to be on or what you want to contribute.

I look forward to this webinar changing the lives of people everywhere.

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  1. I know a woman who wakes up everyday and faces any and all challenges head on. She bites off more than most people can chew and swallows it up like a small morsel. She truly is an amazing woman, entrepreneur, investor, SuperMom, etc. An hour or so a week does not give many the insight, into that, which I witness firsthand daily. I was probably one of those CHALLENGES/OBSTACLES in her career but she made a believer out of me. Thank you for all that you do Candice! Great job Pete Pete Asmus and Candice Duran! Here’s to your success!!!!!!

  2. ali decastro says:

    It was great to meet Candice. I look forward to these webinars for women in real estate.

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