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FlipNerd with Mike Hambright on Todays REI Hour Episode 005c of The REI Hour 2015-07-22

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 About Today’s Guest: Mike Hambright

Mike Hambright is a Real Estate Entrepreneur.  He has purchased hundreds of houses over the past few years, along with his wife, Lindsay.  Mike is a professional rehabber, wholesaler, and owns a single family rental portfolio.  Mike is also a national mentor and coach for a group that buys over 800 houses per year, where he helps teach others how to operate an effective business and achieve financial freedom.  Mike (and his wife) founded FlipNerd.com, the leading social platform for real estate investors in America, where nearly 10,000 investors find and market wholesale deals, find and build a vendor team to support their business, build community with other investors in their market and nationally, and much more.  FlipNerd.com was originally launched in early 2014 as an Expert Real Estate Investing show and podcast, and after 200 shows, continues to be one of the top rated real estate investing shows in the World.

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Hot Topics with Van Castaneda

Van Castaneda Van Castaneda is an Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, and Finance Professional, and Speaker  whom after 15 years of working with fortune 100 companies took a turn to Entrepreneurship with one purpose: to help people and families. She currently works with DaVinci Financial based in Irvine, California. DaVinci Financial’s core objectives are to help all persons including business owners and business executives with wealth management services ranging from retirement planning, life insurance, portfolio management, financial advice to estate planning.

When she was a young child who escaped Vietnam and immigrated under harsh conditions to Lansing, MI in the 70’s with her parents and four siblings under the sponsorship of two very kind and loving church families, her parents only wished to secure a better future for their children. What they didn’t realize was how much the journey, the experience, and the obstacles with every decision had shaped her into who she is today. Van is an outspoken advocate for people of all ages with a personal mission today of spreading financial awareness.

The turning point in her life to leave the so called comfortable corporate seat happened when she joined the Alzheimer’s Association back in 2010 as a speaker to educate communities and families about Alzheimer’s disease. Being exposed to families and seniors who had to deal with this disease and seeing first hand how they were neglected, forgotten, and taken advantage of had taken her on a new journey. This discovery lead to her four year venture with working with seniors and veterans directly to keep them safe and as independent as possible in their own homes. During this venture she was awakened by another aspect of how people are further exposed and victimized as their financial security and retirement funds are being handled by non-scrupulous or unknowledgeable advisors or agents. She currently works with Davinci Financial as a Financial Advisor with a goal to make a difference in people’s lives once again.

To Contact Van, call or text 714-420-8566.

About your Host: Pete Asmus

Pete Asmus head shotPete Asmus is a Real Estate Investor, Speaker, Editor of Investor Quarterly™, Award winning Radio Host of The Real Estate Investor Hour with Pete Asmus™ known as (The REI Hour) on Wednesday 10-11am PT, Author of Force YOUR Dreams into Reality© and the QUESTION Factor©, finally he is the founder of Asmus MEDIA Group and the Visionary Pit Bull of The GENTRY Group. A company focused on providing Real TURNKEY Opportunities to change your life, and the resources and support to make it happen with OVER 11k properties purchased at the Auction, OVER 2.8 Billion in Real Estate Sold and OVER 250 million in Investor’s Profit! In addition he owns the 2nd and 4th largest Real Estate groups on LinkedIn.

After personally training with leaders in the industry he created Coast 2 Coast REIA. Pete has now merged Coast 2 Coast REIA with long time friends Spencer Caldwell and Jacob Ash who own Gentry Real Estate Group and they formed The GENTRY Group™.  Now in full swing he has created the only Real TURNKEY Real Estate System for Investors!  Pete built a huge platform that provide REAL RESULTS not just what “should” happen.  The bottom line is CHECKS don’t lie (checkout instagram.com/peteasmus to see results)The GENTRY GroupREI Hour and Investor Quarterly™ were created to allow all the people I’ve come into contact with over the last 8+ years to find a place to network, find solutions and create opportunities from all around the world. We have Investors from Australia to Canada and EVERY Time zone in-between! Pete’s been investing, teaching, and speaking for years, but in reality everything he’s done his entire life gave him the tools to set up and create this Opportunity. The results he’s created through his connections are incredible and now it’s YOUR TURN to get RESULTS from his network and resources!“We don’t want to have students or followers, we want to inspire people and create Leaders and Teachers! Our focus is making money WITH our Investors not OFF them.” ~Pete Asmus
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