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The Real Estate Investor Hour with Pete Asmus

Auctions and Opportunities with Spencer Caldwell & Jacob Ash on Todays REI Hour Episode 003c of The REI Hour 2015-07-08

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 About Today’s Guest: Spencer Caldwell & Jacob Ash

Spencer CaldwellSpencer Caldwell grew up in a small Northern Arizona town called Snowflake. The town was founded and named after Spencer’s 3rd great grandpa. Spencer shadowed his father who ran the family pig farm. This family business grew to as many as 80,000 pigs.  Spencer has memories of being as young as 5 years old while helping his father on the farm. When Spencer was 14, his father stopped raising pigs and started smoking them in a new business venture in Mesa, Arizona. After he graduated from Mountain View in Mesa, AZ with honers in sports Spencer accepted a 2 year mission calling for his Church that took him to the deep South living in Mississippi and Louisiana were he served and loved the southern people and still considers them family.
After his mission Spencer continued working for his father in the BBQ Restaurant while attending Arizona State University. He studied BioChemistry and planned on going to Dental school. Meanwhile, real estate had sparked Spencer’s interest.  He watched successful real estate mentors closely across the U.S., and found that real estate was in his constant thoughts. With plans to continue on to Dental school, Spencer decided to spend some time in real estate his 4th year of college.  Spencer purchased 10 investment homes that 1st year and didn’t stop.  He is Co-Founder of Gentry Real Estate Group with business partner Jacob Ash. Gentry has offices in Mesa, Chandler and Scottsdale Arizona specializing in all aspects of Real Estate including Commercial, Residential, Retail, Investors, Property Management,  and Auction Buying Services. Gentry has coined the phrase “We Are Real Estate”.  Spencer has continued his real estate career and has served 1000′s of buying parties in purchasing investment properties and first time homes across the Country.  He has sold over a billion dollars in Real Estate holdings. Helping investors purchase over 10,000 homes at Auction in the recent years.
Spencer’s strategy is to find homes that he would purchase himself and share the opportunity with his investor friends and clients.  He is a true Real Estate professional with a desire to change the financial future for others. He loves his clients!!
Spencer has been married 13 years to Alisa Wares and has four children. He spends all his spare time with Ethan (11), Ellee (9), Weston (6), Wyatt (2).
His family is what brings him the most joy. Real estate has changed Spencer’s life and allows him to spend #MOR time with his family. Well at least some of the weekends!

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Spencer Caldwell

Jacob AshJacob Ash was born and raised in Mesa Arizona. At the age of 21, having recently returned from serving a mission for his church for the last two years in Ecuador. he began working for a real estate brokerage where he met his wife Stacy Kartchner.  After Jacob married, he started his own brokerage Gentry Real Estate Group, a real estate brokerage, and Buy Low AZ, an auction bid service and together with his business partner and a very intelligent and hard working staff have assisted hundreds of buyers attain financial goals and solid returns off of bank owned, shortsale, and trustee sale purchases. Jacob has been practicing real estate for 10 years and at a young age has taken part in thousands of transactions and has been part in over a billion dollars in real estate sales. Jacob prides himself on always being 100% honest with his investors, being a hard worker, and always making himself available to his clients for whatever needs they have.  Jacob considers himself an avid real estate investor and mentor to those that are looking for solid returns regardless of the economy or situation.  Jacob is married to the love of his life and has 3 beautiful children who he enjoys spending his free time with.
Jacob Ash

About your Host: Pete Asmus

Pete Asmus head shotPete Asmus is a Real Estate Investor, Speaker, Editor of Investor Quarterly™, Award winning Radio Host of The Real Estate Investor Hour with Pete Asmus™ known as (The REI Hour) on Wednesday 10-11am PT, Author of Force YOUR Dreams into Reality© and the QUESTION Factor©, finally he is the founder of Asmus MEDIA Group and the Visionary Pit Bull of The GENTRY Group. A company focused on providing Real TURNKEY Opportunities to change your life, and the resources and support to make it happen with OVER 11k properties purchased at the Auction, OVER 2.8 Billion in Real Estate Sold and OVER 250 million in Investor’s Profit! In addition he owns the 2nd and 4th largest Real Estate groups on LinkedIn.

After personally training with leaders in the industry he created Coast 2 Coast REIA. Pete has now merged Coast 2 Coast REIA with long time friends Spencer Caldwell and Jacob Ash who own Gentry Real Estate Group and they formed The GENTRY Group™.  Now in full swing he has created the only Real TURNKEY Real Estate System for Investors!  Pete built a huge platform that provide REAL RESULTS not just what “should” happen.  The bottom line is CHECKS don’t lie (checkout to see results)The GENTRY GroupREI Hour and Investor Quarterly™ were created to allow all the people I’ve come into contact with over the last 8+ years to find a place to network, find solutions and create opportunities from all around the world. We have Investors from Australia to Canada and EVERY Time zone in-between! Pete’s been investing, teaching, and speaking for years, but in reality everything he’s done his entire life gave him the tools to set up and create this Opportunity. The results he’s created through his connections are incredible and now it’s YOUR TURN to get RESULTS from his network and resources!“We don’t want to have students or followers, we want to inspire people and create Leaders and Teachers! Our focus is making money WITH our Investors not OFF them.” ~Pete Asmus

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