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 Getting Back 2 the Basics on Today’s Episode 72a MONDAY 2014-11-24

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On Today’s Episode of Investing Coast 2 Coast: Pete Asmus and Ivan Oberon and Special Guest: Corey Siegel of MOR Financial. 



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About Today’s Guest: Corey Siegel



Corey SiegelCorey Siegel is the lead Account Executive for MOR Financial Services. Prior to joining the MOR Financial team, Corey spent time as an integral part of the international production and marketing team at a major shoe retailer out of Manhattan Beach. Corey’s BA in Finance and minor in Communication from California State University Fullerton guided him into the financial services industry. Once Corey decided to change his career path, he decided to become a licensed real estate agent. This eventually lead him to enter the private mortgage industry of real estate investments. Coreywas able to apply his extensive sales experience, and discipline, from his time in the corporate world to apply them to the personal based business model ofMOR Financial Services Inc. Corey has been an integral part of over 200 transactions since joining MOR Financial which accounts for over $50 million dollars in fundings.
Corey has developed a professional level of recognition among members of multiple networking and real estate organizations. Corey has been a guest speaker educating on “The Power of Leverage”.
Corey’s background has given him the experience necessary to deliver the highest quality of service to MOR Financial’s clients, to continue the model of creating repeat business.


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Corey can be contacted at: or by calling 866.937.6676 or directly at 310-227-2658.


About Your Hosts

Pete asmus and Ivan oberon's family

Pete ASMUS and Ivan Oberon

Find out more about Pete Asmus or Ivan Oberon on

Pete Asmus is the Co-Founder/Visionary Pit Bull of Coast to Coast REIA™. Pete is a Real Estate Investor, Speaker, Mentor, and Host of Investing Coast 2 Coast with Pete Asmus and Ivan Oberon™ broadcasting Mon thru Fri from 10am-11am on Bloomberg Radio, and Author of Force Your Dreams into Reality© (  He is looking forward to sharing his dream of “Providing Real EstateStrategies to change your Life, and the Resources and Support to gomakeSOMETHINGhappen™!  You can also join Pete’s Personal Real Estate Network at “We at Coast 2 Coast REIA™ don’t want to create followers and students, Our Mission is to Inspire Leaders and Teachers… So#gomakeSOMETHINGhappen™!! ” ~ Pete Asmus

With out U there is no US… Because You put the Y in OUR Success.

Pete ASMUS can be reached at:

Ivan Oberon is the Co-Fouder/Deal Maker of Coast to Coast REIA™ and also owns a real estateinvestment company where he focuses on fix and flips, fix and holds, Contract for Deed and other creative virtual strategies.  Ivan Oberon has a particular draw towards helping the brand new person wanting to learn the ropes of real estateinvesting and helping to empower them to make their new dream of real estate investing a reality.
Ivan Oberon began his real estate investing career in San Diego county, California after a 10 year career in the insurance industry as a dually licensed independent insurance agent.  Ivan Oberon quickly expanded to Indianapolis and Kansas City and has multiple projects going at any given time.

Ivan Oberon can be reached at:

Scott Travis started in the construction field in 1989 starting his own pool company in California, Built his business there until 2001 when he decided to move to Las Vegas when the construction boom hit that city.  Purchased a small Company with 21 customers and proceeded to build to over 500 in less than 3 years.  While seeing the growth he wanted to venture out of his comfort zone and add on to the business to incorporate a complete package for his customers, so in 2004 he got his Landscape contractors license.
He then saw an opportunity in Real Estate and purchased his first rental property, attended a few RE seminars and classes to get more knowledge to expand.  “I realized I didn’t want to take the long route so I found experts in the field, followed them, duplicated them and now have improved upon them.  Scott and Ann to date have rental properties in Michigan, Chicago, Georgia, Indiana, Florida and commercial property in Texas.  He still maintains his contractors license in Nevada even though he has transitioned into full time Real Estate Investor and has NEVER had a contractor complaint!  Scott is the Back BONE of our Rehab Consulting Service and the Physical side of our R.E. business.
HE is constantly Improving every area that he goes into and willing to share his knowledge to the new rehabber and investor.

Scott Travis can be reached at:

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