One of the biggest assets you can have as an Entepreneur

the Hardest Decision

One of the biggest assets you can have as an Entepreneur is being a positive and creative problem solver.

Look you are already here why not focus on fixing it instead of why it’s screwed up?  We end up not seeing the trees to the forest.  Like when watching a situation happen and you can see someone with horse blinders on.  All they can focus on is this one thing and because of it they miss something huge.  As an outside observer we say it was obvious, but to the person in the midst of it, it’s totally rational.

“Being a great problem solver is understanding the situation but focusing all your energy on the solution.” – Pete Asmus

I had an investor miss his flight to my buying tour one time.  He texted me the morning of the event and said, “I missed my flight.  I booked another one and I’ll call you when I get in.”   My response was that of frustration.  He immediately called and said something I’ll never forget, “Look I screwed up. But we are here now so let’s figure out a solution.  I don’t want to hear what won’t work.  Just tell me what will and I’ll do it!”  He was so right.

So often we get caught up in the question we forget about the answer.  Stop looking at what got you where you are.  Who cares?!? Unless you plan on repeating it and if not then MOVE ON!

What CAN You do?

What WILL You do?

What MUST You do?

And most important….


See all the planning in the world doesn’t mean ANYTHING if you don’t apply it.  TAKE ACTION.  Become the person you’ve always wanted to be.  Make decisions based on who you WANT TO BE, not who you’ve become.

So many people are afraid of failure so much they fail to try.  They stop before they started.  The fear of humiliation from failure is so strong it prevents them from movement.  To me it’s absurd too, because our entire life we learned from trial and error.  Risk vs reward, if you don’t risk failing you can’t get the reward of success.

I love to ask the question.

If I had a contest to win the ownership and income of a multimillion dollar property how many times would you be willing to fall flat on your face and fail?  100, 1000 1 million times? And for HOW LONG would you fail if you KNEW FOR A FACT at the end you would be receiving over $850,000 net a year.  This would grow for the rest of your life and be able to be passed down through generations like Hilton.  EVERYONE has a slightly different answer but they ALL say YES!  But what they aren’t seeing is in reality that is the exact ingredients for success.


The problem is, in order to succeed you must fail hundreds or thousands of times.  You WILL make mistakes. As children we didn’t care how we looked.  Just check out one of a million pictures of you a child with cake all over your face. I promise you didn’t care about the cake in your face.  Kids will run around all day with food on the side of their mouth.  They don’t care how they look, they care how they feel.  They hyper focus on what they want and a lot have perfected how to get it.


Spelling, math, riding a bike, and playing sports are just examples of how as we were growing up trial and error or trial and failure were part of life.   As kids we didn’t expect to fail and when we did we were amazed it could even happen.  So much so we would keep doing it getting more passionate/angry each time, more determined each time and MORE FOCUSED ON OYR BELIEF WE COULD ATTAIN THAT GOAL till eventually we reach it.  Why? Because there was no way it was going to beat me! Because come hell or high water I was doing it!  I could keep going and eventually I would use the word track you did as a child.

In the book world they say done is better than perfect.  For instance I  have a book I wrote 2 years ago called The QUESTION Factor™.  I have yet to release it because I keep thinking it’s not perfect. What if there is an error?  So for two years I haven’t released an amazing book.  CRAZY!  I’m releasing it.  If you would like a copy of The QUESTION Factor™ let me know or just go to  I created a landing page and released the book.  Done.

At the end of the day it’s up to you to design, create and implement your life.  Take this seriously because the amount of time, effort and resources you deploy to this will determine the height to which you reach.

Now #gomakeSOMETHINGhappen


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