The REI Hour

In 2013 Pete started Investing Coast 2 Coast. Within 5 months it was on 5 days a week on Bloomberg Radio. Within the first year he won an award for "Best Breakthrough Radio Show".

For the last few years Pete's done countless live webinars, round tables, speaking engagements and interviews with industry leaders. Pete saw what they do, how they do it and the RESULTS they get. He focused the REI Hour on sharing the principles and strategies that helped them achieve it!

In 2015 Pete and Shannon sat down and mapped out what they wanted from the show. They made some significant changes and rebranded Investing Coast 2 Coast into The Real Estate Investing Hour. This was done to show the listeners of the improving changes and new direction. They were changing their demographic from everyone to a more experienced investor.

Shannon said, "Our goal was to change the focus of the radio show to a more experienced investor because those are the ones who take action with information. We realized when we try to help everyone, no one gets helped, but if we focused on a segment within the investor realm we could really impact that sector. With the turnkey system Pete has built we really have the ability to do something great. As Pete would say, 'Will' do something Great!"

As host of The REI Hour, Pete has interviewed politicians, community leaders, Miss California, celebrities and real estate investors who should be celebrities (they are in their eyes!) just to name a few. Because of Pete's personality and desire to make it entertaining his natural inclination is to position you as a rock star. He realized early on the better his guests feel the better they would do, so he started focusing on really what made them. Pete understood there are a ton of people doing what ever profession his guest was doing, but everyone has something that makes them Different.

Pete went after that, focusing a majority of the interview on who they were. He knew if the listeners connected with the guest the likely hood of them contacting them went up significantly. He created a show that not only educates you, but also inspired and entertains you.

"Our goal was to create a show that was real, meaning the opportunities were real, the investors were real and the strategies were real. Everyone we bring on we interview prior and make sure they are a good fit." -Pete Asmus

When you're on the Real Estate Hour with Pete Asmus, he pumps you up so much you get off the radio in a full sprint. It's like drinking 15 cups of of the strongest espresso you can find and adding purpose into it.

Listen to The REAL ESTATE Investing Hour with Pete Asmus every Wednesday from 10-11am Pacific

The Real Estate Investor Hour with Pete Asmus

The Real Estate Investor Hour with Pete Asmus is a weekly radio show focused on Investing.  Our Primary focus is Real Estate however at our core we are about Entrepreneurship and Investing.  So anything that falls into that category we will look at putting on the show. Click HERE to listen Live On Wednesday at […]

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