About Shannon Asmus

Asmus Family Picture Grove 2015

(From left to right) Shannon Asmus, Hailey Asmus, Pete Asmus, Graicelynn Asmus and Madisen Asmus

Meet Shannon Asmus

Shannon Asmus Head Shot half shotShannon Asmus- Executive Producer of the The REI Hour and Publisher of Investor Quarterly™.

 At a young age, Shannon knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur along with a mom. After struggling through some obstacles, she found a way and started in cosmetology. After learning more about the industry, she decided she wanted to go a different direction.  She wanted to be an entrepreneur but without all the politics,Shannon started looking and testing out different industries to see what the possibilities were.  With an extensive background in customer service, management and sales, She was a monster to compete with. In the few jobs she had during this “testing phase” she repeatedly rose to the top with in a few months, grew the companies bottom line all while streamlining complex procedures.At only 22 years old she was now a business owner(with a partner) of a promotion company.  Within a few months she had made enough to buy her partner out and she rebranded the company to Hypnotic Productions.  Hypnotic Promotions, was a promotional company designed to boost sales in local bars.  With in only 6 months she grew the business by 20%.

At this point everything was going incredible the only thing missing was the Mom part of her dreams.  However on March 5, 2008 Hailey Marie Asmus was born and her goal of being a Mom was met.  This also caused her to want to make some business changes.  Running a promotional company that goes to bars isn’t the way she wanted to raise her children.

Shannon started looking at all the different places she had worked and what the opportunities where at each of them.  After years of management experience in those different industries, she focused on the Tanning industry.  She knew the owners of a local health club and they didn’t have any tanning beds.  She knew that members of a gym were the perfect target audience for a tanning business.   So she put together a plan, presented it to the owners and made it happen.  She had now opened her first business on her own.  Shannon proved to everyone she could do anything she put her mind to by running a successful tanning salon.  Crossing yet another goal/dream off her list.

In Dec 2008 her husband [Pete Asmus] was becoming increasingly successful in real estate and they decided to end there daily jobs that were distracting them from what really mattered, Their children and their real estate business. She realized that she could be a mom who was capable of running a business from the privacy of her own home all while raising their children without a nanny.  It was important for shannon to be extremely involved with her kids.  [She had thought from an early age she wouldn’t be able to have any.]

Shannon works from anywhere and helps run several successful companies; from being an organizer and scheduling events, workshops and meetings, to being a photographer, magazine editor and radio producer she does it all.  When you also include 10 diaper changes, lunch, dinner and raising children she really is a “Momtrepreneur“.  Shannon is an amazing role model and has proven how to be a successful entrepreneur, all while being a Mom and including her family every step of the way.   Her families goal is to “raise entrepreneurs that will change the world.”

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