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Meet Pete Asmus

Pete Asmus headshot 2Pete Asmus is Founder of the Asmus MEDIA Group™.  Pete is an Investor, Real Estate STRATEGY Consultant, National Speaker, Host of REI360˚,   Editor of Investor Quarterly™, Marketing & Branding Expert at Asmus MEDIA Group and Author of:

Personal Development:

*Force Your Dreams into Reality©

*the QUESTION Factor©

*Queen Alopecia

Real Estate Books:

*Off Market and UNDERVALUED Property Finder- BLUEPRINT

*The Stock Market Refugee


He is looking forward to sharing his dream of“Providing Real Estate Strategies to change your Life, and the Resources and Support to gomakeSOMETHINGhappen!” ~Pete ASMUS

Finally he is the founder and Capital Aggregator of TheTURNKEYinvestor.com .  A company focused on providing Real TURNKEY Opportunities to change your life, and the resources and support to make it happen! In addition he owns the Largest Commercial Group and the 2nd largest Real Estate groups on LinkedIn.

You can also join my Personal Network HERE.

He’s been investing, teaching, and speaking for years, but in reality everything he’s done his entire life gave him the tools to set up and create this Opportunity.

At 15 years old, Pete Asmus was kicked out of his house

He  had to sleep on top of Alpha Beta. From there he was placed in a group home until he turned 18 and was left to fend for himself again. With nothing and no one to help him, Pete joined the Navy to begin making a life for himself. In the Navy, Pete quickly acquired many skills including responsibility and strong leadership skills.

When Pete’s son developed brain cancer at 5 years old, it was the beginning of a downward spiral that resulted in his losing everything. Missing work to be with his son meant there was no income coming in and he quickly realized he needed to find another way to support his family so he never encountered that situation again.

Pete began investing in Real Estate and soon found the success he needed to support his family.  When his Real Estate Mentor realized what Pete was doing, he asked if Pete would like to help guide students and make a difference in a much larger way. Pete, of course, was very excited to help change the lives of those students who wanted more out of life.

After personally training with leaders in the industry that you may have seen on TV, his real estate knowledge is extensive; encompassing Mobile Homes, Single Family Homes, Multi-Units and Commercial, but his Passion is Raising Money, getting you to think differently and taking action now to get results tomorrow!

He’s personally trained 100’s of students for these Industry Experts

The network he created through this is incredible. The TURNKEY Investor, REI360 w/ Pete and Ivan and Investor Quarterly™ were created to allow all the people he’s come into contact with over the last 10+ years a place to network, find solutions and create opportunities from all around the world.

Pete Created The TURNKEY Investor.  Now in full swing, he has created a unique Real TURNKEY Real Estate System for Investors!  It’s a huge platform that provides REAL | RAW | RESULTS not just what “should” happen.  He was focused on the biggest problem in our industry, lack of action due to lack of comfort level.  So he did something about and created the ULTIMATE Turnkey System.

He has Investors from Australia to Canada and EVERY Time zone in-between including China!  Pete’s been investing, teaching, and speaking for years, but in reality everything he’s done his entire life gave him the tools to set up and create this Opportunity for you. For years he’s trained students for the Guru’s; the results he’s created through his connections are incredible and now it’s YOUR TURN to get RESULTS from his network, systems and resources!

“Our mission at The Turnkey Investor is: We assist our Investors/Clients make 3 TIMES their income through investments with us.  To us it’s about shattering their glass ceiling and smashing their expectations of how investing works…

Bottom Line, We make money WITH our Investors not OFF them.” ~Pete Asmus

Find out more about Pete at PeteASMUS.com or theTUNRKEYinvestor.com

Cover-SuccessThe Questions Factor by Pete AsmusGive Pete Asmus a chance and he will show you how to navigate your life and the real estate markets, while gaining and sustaining your financial freedom. He also started a few projects to help you and your communities.  One a community outreach program called “Everybody CAN IMPACT” raised $900 for children with cancer In 2014 and was started by his two oldest daughters at 5 & 6 years of age.  gomakeSOMETHINGhappen.com is a website and “cause” focused on keeping you on track towards your daily, yearly and LIFE goals. Check it out today!

“We don’t want to have students or followers, we want to Inspire people to be Leaders and Teachers! ”-Pete Asmus

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