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Welcome to the world of INSPERTAINMENT, we will change your life!

Asmus Media Group™ is a platform built by Pete Asmus to facilitate a place “under one company” to put all the brands.  Pete and his wife Shannon Asmus have been building this company for the last 5 years and now they are bringing it all into one place for you.  From Children’s books to their Real Estate Magazine, and a Turnkey Investment System to an Award Winning Radio show, Asmus Media Group™ is focused on providing the best solutions and resources to help entrepreneurs get the most out of life and investing.

Asmus Media Group™ provides entrepreneurs actionable information on multiple platforms.  From radio to print, AMG focuses its content to INSPIRE you to take action, EDUCATE you to create better opportunities all while ENTERTAINING you so you not only understand the information but pay attention long enough to learn it.

In the beginning of 2015 Pete and Shannon sat down and Mapped out what they wanted from life and how they would do it.  From that came Investor Quarterly™ a digital magazine focused on the core values they had.  They also rebranded Investing Coast 2 Coast into The Real Estate Investing Hour.  This was done to show the listeners of the improving changes. Shannon said, “Our goal was to change the focus of the radio show to a higher influence investor.  We were changing our demographic from everyone to more experienced investors.  We realized when we try to help everyone, no one gets helped, but if we focused on a segment within the investor realm we could really IMPACT that sector. With the turnkey system Pete has built we really have the ability to do something great. As Pete would say, Will do something Great!”

Here’s a little more…

Since Pete was 9 he has always ENTERTAINED… Now it wasn’t always appreciated but nonetheless, if you’ve ever met Pete You’ll agree his personality and voice enter the room before he does.  Since he was a kid his Mom would always say, “As soon as Pete has an audience he’s on.  The problem is for Pete that’s 3 people or more”.

CIMG0807When Pete’s son Saige was 6 years old, he developed brain cancer.  That one thing impacted him so much it literally changed his life.  He no longer wanted to only focus on entertaining everyone; it had now become bigger than that.  He had watched his son go through hell and back and make it through the aggressive disease that claimed the lives of 38 out of 40 children in his study. That showed us life was fragile and potentially short so go for your dreams now.

This caused Pete and his now wife Shannon Asmus to start focusing on how they could impact the world.  Pete jumped head first into real estate and attended a Robert Allen (EWI) seminar about real estate.  For the next few years Pete and Shannon focused on real estate, everything from mobile homes to residential real estate.

In 2012 Pete and Shannon started a company with a partner who was a long time friend.  As the success of that grew, almost eight months later in 2013 Pete started Investing Coast 2 Coast.  Within 5 months it was on 5 days a week on Bloomberg Radio.  During that same time Pete was encouraged to write a book and after 4 months, Force Your Dreams into Reality was born! (ForceYOURdreams.com)

From that one writing experience Pete jumped in with both feet.  Since then he’s written an eBook called “Off Market Property Finder- BLUEPRINT”.  He also wrote a children’s book with his daughter who has a gift called Alopecia. (#Alopecia is an autoimmune condition that causes the subjects hair to fall out. Hailey Asmus has Alopecia Universalis, or total hair loss.  It’s nowhere on her body.)  From this experience Shannon and Pete wanted to make it an incredible thing.  So Pete and Hailey came up with and wrote the children’s book Queen Alopecia (QUEENAlopecia.com).  Hailey has also come up with the idea of turning it into a coloring book so it’s more fun for kids.  If you would like to help her in this process go to (http://goFUNDme.com/QUEENAlopecia)

Also in January 2013 Pete started a webinar series called, Journey 2 Success (theJOURNEY2success.com), a weekly webinar on Sunday’s at 6pm Pacific.  Now at almost 100 episodes the content is amazing.  This doesn’t include the numerous other web series Pete has done including Experts Corner where he interviews top real estate experts.

For the last few years Pete’s done countless live webinars, round tables, speaking engagements and interviews with industry leaders. We’ve seen what they do, how they do it and the RESULTS they get.   And we wanted to bring you the very BEST OF THE BEST.  That’s what Asmus Media Group Is all about.

Another piece to this puzzle is over the past few years not only has the Asmus family done daily videos to inspire you, they were also learning and becoming incredible at marketing through video and print.  The following that they have created through the daily videos, marketing and social media is amazing.  Their focus to inspire the world is extensive. From the months of learning multiple editing software programs (Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and Premier Pro) Pete can not only help you take the picture or Video you want, but can edit it so it is Professional and something you will be proud of.

“We look forward to serving your needs and helping your business grow exponentially!” Pete Asmus

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The Asmus Family

About Shannon Asmus

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Shannon Asmus- Executive Producer of the The REI Hour and Publisher of Investor Quarterly™.

At a young age, Shannon knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur along with a mom. After struggling through some obstacles, she found a way and started in cosmetology. After learning more about the industry, she decided she wanted to go a different direction.  She wanted to be an entrepreneur but without all the politics.

At only 22 years old Shannon was now a business owner(with a partner) of a promotion company.  Within a few months she had made enough to buy her partner out and she rebranded the company to Hypnotic Promotions.  Hypnotic Promotions, was a promotional company designed to boost sales in local bars.  Within only 6 months she grew the business by 20%.

Shannon started looking at all the different places she had worked and what the opportunities were at each of them.  After years of management experience in those different industries, she focused on the Tanning industry.  She knew the owners of a local health club and they didn’t have any tanning beds.  She knew that members of a gym were the perfect target audience for a tanning business.   So she put together a plan, presented it to the owners and made it happen.  She had now opened her first business on her own.

In Dec 2008 her husband [Pete Asmus] was becoming increasingly successful in real estate and they decided to end their daily jobs that were distracting them from their passion and what really mattered, their children and their real estate business. She realized that she could be a mom who was capable of running a business from the privacy of her own home all while raising their children without a nanny.  It was important for Shannon to be extremely involved with her kids.  [She had thought from an early age she wouldn’t be able to have any.]

Shannon works from anywhere and helps run several successful companies; from being an organizer and scheduling events, workshops and meetings, to being a photographer, magazine editor and radio producer she does it all.  When you also include 10 diaper changes, lunch, dinner and raising children she really is a Momtrepreneur.  Shannon is an amazing role model and has proven how to be a successful entrepreneur, all while being a Mom and including her family every step of the way.   Her families goal is to “raise entrepreneurs that will change the world.”

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About Pete Asmus

Pete Asmus headshot 2Pete Asmus is Founder of the Asmus MEDIA Group™.  Pete is an Investor, Real Estate STRATEGY Consultant, National Speaker, and Host of The Real Estate Investor Hour with Pete Asmus™, Editor of Investor Quarterly™   and Visionary PITBULL of The GENTRY Group™ and Author of:

*Force Your Dreams into Reality©

*The QUESTION Factor© (Coming Soon)

*Off Market and UNDERVALUED Property Finder- BLUEPRINT

*Queen Alopecia


He’s been investing, teaching, and speaking for years, but in reality everything he’s done his entire life gave him the tools to set up and create this Opportunity. After personally training with multiple leaders in the industry that you may have seen on TV, his real estate knowledge is extensive encompassing Mobile Homes, Single Family Homes, Multi-Unit and Commercial, but his Passion is getting you to take action and think differently!

Pete now owns two of the largest Real Estate Groups on Linkedin including the Second largest, totaling over 200k investors, has a radio show on Bloomberg and a Magazine called Investor Quarterly™. It didn’t start out that way though.  It’s been a long and hard journey.

Pete created a company with long time friends Spencer Caldwell and Jacob Ash who own Gentry Real Estate Group and they formed The GENTRY Group™.  Now in full swing he has created the only REAL turnKEY Real Estate Solutions for Investors!  Pete built a huge platform that provides REAL RESULTS not just what “should” happen.  The bottom line is CHECKS don’t lie(click the link and see what I mean)


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